Epic Technologies realizes the needs and requirements of performance oriented customers to obtain the best quality Custom Electronics Manufacturing for systems which often operate in harsh environments and situations where failure is not tolerated. For those customers, we provide custom electronic builds capable of surviving and thriving in these environments. Our manufacturer's solid reputation is built upon a successful history providing highly reliable and complex electronics delivered absolutely, positively, perfect and on-time.


1) Military and Aerospace:
Mission-Critical Electronics for advanced platforms including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, Predator UAV, MRAP ground vehicles, and JTRS handheld radios, among others.Our high-reliability electronic systems helps the U.S. and Joint Forces gain tactical superiority in the battlefield.

2) Medical:
We produce vital electronic components for life-saving medical devices including Resuscitation Systems, Diagnostic Equipment, Infusion Delivery Units, Surgical Guidance Systems, and Injection Systems for Diagnostic Imaging. Our electronic systems are constructed to perform flawlessly every time, because lives depend on them.

3) Industrial:
We manufacture a wide range of fail-safe electronics -- from Locomotive Control Modules, Braking Control Systems and Mass Transit Communication Systems to Ruggedized Video Inspection and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. Whether the product focus is Safety, Sustainability, or Quality Control, top-tier multinational organizations put their trust in our Complex Electronics and Manufacturing Capabilities.

4) Communications:
We provide advanced electronics for Secure, Interoperable Communications Systems including Joint Tactical Radio Systems, Next-Gen Communications Platforms, Satellite Networks, and Call Center Systems. These High-Reliability Systems deliver mobile ad-hoc networking capability to Warfighters and Emergency Responders around the world.

5) Cable and Wiring:
As part of our full spectrum technology offering, we also Design, Build and Validate Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies.

Some of our top-level Cable and Wiring Services include:
● Custom Connector Injection Molding.
● 2-Part Cast Connector Molding.
● Custom Connector Transfer Molding.
● Connector Mold Design & Fabrication
● Complex Harness Design & Assembly.
● High Reliability Testing (Atmospheric, Abrasion, Humidity, etc.).
● Laser Marking.
● Clean Room Assembly.
● Secured Area Manufacturing Lab.
● Custom Cabling.
● Custom Overbraiding.